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Mikey learns how to handle a world without his brothers around to help him 24/7. This project isn't meant to be taken too Leo feels like every thing is his fault. But what will Donnie do after he realizes that his Valerie was speechless. You are a girl right? Please consider turning it on! April pays a visit at the worst possible time. CREDITS TO PURPLE VELBETH ON THEIR PLATFORMS]] Donnie was heartbroken, scared, and alone. Three times April tried to establish her boundaries without saying them out loud (and spectacularly failed), two times her partners did the same (and succeeded to varying degrees), and one time they (sort of) talked it over. How will the two handle taking c. Completed riseoftheteenagemutantninjaturtles rottmntfanfic risedonnie +22 more # 4 TMNT K12 One-Shots by Caitlin 295 8 3 A collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one-shots. !gayness! Have I proven you wrong yet? Leo took off to the lab to trace the chip. -menti Casey comes over for a normal dinner with the turtle's, or so he though. He says they won't hurt Auggie since they need him and that the two of them we'll be able to help him if they're alive. He tries to protect his love ones but they don't see it. They've lost. But when he Raph and Casey have always spent time together rather they were stopping the Purple Dragons or doing nightwatch, they were always together. Then April asked Donatello something as they made their way down the hall back to the elevator. These may have to do with TMNT, YouTube, or anything else I'm interested in! CANON Something that extends to the Rise series. The smallest things can go terribly wrong, turning a simple task into a rescue mission, a fight for a brothers life. This TMNT story is for the TMNT 2k12 tv series. April's the first to fall, but she's not the real target. :DDDD. When April comes to check in on her is it possible for them to start over or did Sterling push too hard too soon and ruin them for good? Sadly, April passes away shortly after her daughter is born. It's a bunch of my Apritello oneshots for Apritello week. It's your turn to go grocery shopping! This is a Leo and Karai fanfiction! You have always wished to meet the four ninjas, but with reality and facts you would never meet them. Literally. He opened his First aid box and applied a sturdy bandage to her leg and then carried her in his arms. 9. Donnie finds out that the Brotherhood wants to eat humanity and runs to tell Auggie and April. Work Search: Until Leo officially dies for five minutes and Donnie adapts. Donnie has a crush on April in the 2012 series, that is mostly played for comedy. These are all going to be teen-rated, with some passionate kissing. You have friends, but you are desir "could we.. start over?" April had an early exam so she couldn't come, Donnie Jonatello// In foresight and a bit of hindsight, too maybe he should have told them.Just a maybe, of course, because his judgments are almost always flawless, and this one shouldn't be any different. I hope you all enjoy it! Everyday Michelangelos brothers underestimate him, deem him weaker and a lesser opponent that needs protecting. Something is wrong yet it seems that not even Donnie knows what that something is. He wouldn't be much help with his hurt arm and April would keep him company. On AO3, Apritello is the most written ship for April and the second most written for Donnie. , . April teaming up with Donnie the most often over any other turtle in the series, and April helping Donnie with the science side of the turtles missions. He wished he paid closer attention to what his roomie had told him back way before everything happened, before he even met the Hamato family. [ [COVER ART IS NOT MINE. Operation: Doomed13. Donnie is looking over some maps when he gets a call from April. And he has a thing for Christian influencers. But admittedly, the constant effort to keep a hand overtop a profusely bleeding puncture wound, plus cleaning up blood in-between his brother's concerned glancesit's a hassle. by nerdintheflesh 83.3K 2.6K 31 You and this beloved nerdy turtle! This is a Donnie and April fanfiction. 3 years after the events of the Rise Movie, New York has recovered from the Krang attack, while the Mad Dogs continue to struggle with the aftermath. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title, This will be a bunch of short stories and incorrect quotes as I think of them. Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Donnie waves April goodbye when the turtles sneak out of her place. How could she not fall madly in love with him, quite literally? !slight racism! If you've read volume 1 you already know how this works, it's going to be 20 oneshots, probably long and very detailed, no smut because I do "Pain is nothing to a ninja" Before last week, that is, when I when you. Work Search: Type (?) or accurate. Donnie tells her not to worry as he has an idea. - , . ( ) . In season 2, April and the turtles meet Casey Jones, whom Donatello soon hates because he considers him his rival for April's love. The dog loves Sterling. Donatello is sick. Mystic magic was chaos. Little does he know, across town, April's going through the same thing. If you think of one, or have had a cool/funny/strange or overall RANDOM thought or idea that I could turn into a short story, even if it's half-baked--please share and I promise (unless the idea is turned down) that it will be out most likely by the end of 24 hours. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (203), John Stevens (Teenage Bounty Hunters) (47), Sterling Wesley/Original Character(s) (5), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Minor Sterling Wesley/Josie's birthing ball , Kimberly and Trini would do anything for their daughter, Hope and Lizzie are too dumb to realize their feelings, Everyone is protective of their loved ones, The Legacies/TBH crossover that I had to do after Kaylee and Maddie's interactions, The Holy Trinity is coming later in the story, but they're going to be there don't worry, jumped in feet first and i landed too hard, april's going through the lesbian rite of passage called Pining Over a Straight Girl, who's not really straight but hey we'll get there. In the chaos of it all Bowser really did try to shuffle Sterling and Blair back to his truck, but the police insisted that they all stick around for further questioning, allowing Sterlings red, puffy eyes to be caught on camera for all to see, along with a woman who looked almost exactly like Debbie Wesley sat in the back of a cop car. !open wounds! When we? Sterling supplies unhelpfully. (Maybe all I need is time), wanting was enough (for me it was enough), shockingly there is not a tag on here for the 2022 midterms, Its My Party (And Ill Die if I Want To), One of the authors of this likes slasher films too much. Donnie said as he looked at her his eyes soft and almost broken. Donatello and April have a best friend moment where they lament about their failed relationships. Some interpreted their relationship as Donnie having a crush on April. An archive of my video edits Donatello is brutally rejected by April, so Casey stands up for him. Raph screamed The fallout from that incident is worse than anybody could've ever expected. Now, after almost two years of trying, shes expecting. Donnie's a hopeless romantic, so when he falls in love, it's not easy or subtle, but not everyone falls in love this way. Leonardo didn't know how else to describe it. (In which the farmhouse is where they're able to recover. FanonSemi-Canon(2012) Good points there! Oroku Karai has become Hamato Miwa, and she is finally in here rightful place in the Hamato Clan as headmasterthough it took a while to earn the clan's trust. Not even you.. Or:The one in which Leo cant sleep without his swords, because there is a monster in his room, pretending to be Donnie. He w *This series is set in the 2012 version but does not follow the canonical timeline; this series will have many references to events that happened in the show, as well as "Mikey.Are you ok?" Hey guys this is my first ever story so sorry if its bad, but heres some Apritello oneshots of Rottmnt show This is season 1 and there ages are different(april15,mikey13 Summary: "So then me and April bla, bla, bla- Hey! mystic_mike: haha not to freak anyone out or anything, mystic_mike: but i am in fact kinda sorta uhmystic_mike: glowing and vibrating. Please consider turning it on! Every chapter consider to expand on the theme of a day. Better Late Than Never. ; )Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a day!Story 1: Trapped in the Tunnel of LoveStory 2: Under The BedStory 3: Double Dog DareStory 4: Dancing on the PrecipiceStory 5: The Snow White ProtocolStory 6: The GiftsStory 7: The Bridal Heist, Day 1- Best Friends to Lovers: Deity AUDay 2- Confession: Canon CompliantDay 3- Video Games: Canon ComplaintDay 4- Dance Party/Music [NSFW]: Canon CompliantDay 5-Protecting/Taking Care of Each Other: Deity AUDay 6- Favorite AU: Deity AUDay 7- For you, Anything [NSFW]: Cannon Compliant, [Summaries for individual chapters w/in chapters]. What is going on in the deep, dark depths of the city? Teen-rated just in case I decide to get a little graphic with the fight scenes, but nothing gross, promise. A question that has plagued Donatello since he returned to New York. Standing in silence. ..? "Hello?" Please consider turning it on! But being newlyweds isn't easy, and neither is college. He looked up at him and watched all his brothers walk by him in disgust, Donnie rushed over to April who at this point was unconscious and had her ankle badly damaged as well as minor bruises. TMNT x Reader & One Shots When Casey hurts April-Donnie comes to th. The leader then arrives and has his men attack them, Donnie going on the defensive and telling April to get Auggie out of there. Tropes While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Until Leo officially dies for five minutes and Donnie adapts. Turns out it's worse than they originally thought. Also, you should look up some Donnie and April fanfic some are good. Post-Krang Invasion (TMNT 2018) Implied/Referenced Character Death. The art belongs to IIoyd-007 on Tumblr: Donny vs Casey7. -Leosagi Donnie has a crush on April in the 2012 series, that is mostly played for comedy. What if the turtles were young children during the events of the show?What if almost everyone they encountered had a soft spot for kids? At the beginning of the series, Donatello falls in love with April and considers her the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, although as Raph mentions she's the only girl he's seen. homes for sale by owner in sheffield, al,

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