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25 fascinating country facts from around the world

Europe has been experiencing serious dry spells and extreme heat since 2015, which has caused major droughts. Just over 96 percent of the total amount of the world's water is held in its oceans, according to Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World's Fresh Water Resources via the United States Geological Survey (USGS). During Frances 30-year war In the 17th century, King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries who wore a piece of cloth around their necks that the king was particularly fond of. The program, called Acoustic Kitty, involved surgically implanting batteries, microphones and antennae inside cats. From Japan's penis festivities to the baby-jumping revelry in Spain, experience some weird holidays and bizarre festivals from . if( 'moc.enilnoefiltseb' !== location.hostname.split('').reverse().join('') ) { When taking both genders into account, the average adult is around 5 feet, 1.8 inches. He has staunchly retained the feel of the USSR. 5. Traditional Christian marriage is largely reserved for the upper class, and its acceptable for men to maintain several households. Only recently did this African nation switch from marbles to paper ballots for elections. While I'm not about to do an interesting fact about all 196, here are a list of 25 fascinating facts about vario It sat out both World Wars and its last conflict was in 1814 with neighbor Norway, which had declared its independence. You've basically got superpowers from head to toe. 1. This former Soviet republic is one of only 26 countries in the world with a 100 percent literacy rate among adults. Men fasten plant vines to their ankles and jump off a rickety wooden platform high above the ground. This Central American country is the birthplace of chocolate, with ancient Mayans worshipping the cacao tree. The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is said to have been born on a beach in this Mediterranean Sea island nation. Ivoclar Vivadent manufactures 60 million artificial teeth annually, which is 20 percent of all false teeth made worldwide. So do the folks from Lake Chargoggagoggman-chauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Massachusetts and Tweebuffelsmeteen-skootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, South Africa. Geography Facts That Will Blow Your Mind By Lissa Poirot, updated on October 18, 2022 Getty Images Whether you've just completed school or you graduated decades ago, there are likely many things you don't know about the extraordinary planet on which we live. Earthquakes that size can (and do) cause major destruction. Another former Yugoslavian republic, North Macedonia is the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet, which is used in more than 50 languages. Far south from the Peruvian capital of Lima are the mysterious Nazca Lines. Not everyone lives in a booming city or sprawling suburb. Scientists believe this trend is due to the fact that older women tend to have more twins, and women are choosing to start families later. Very faint sounds become audible because the ambient noise is exceptionally low. Often called the Eye of the Sahara, its best viewed from space, where it can easily be seen. An entire day of shooting was lost so 350 TV antennas could be removed from atop buildings near a filming location. This continent/country is home to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, a massive red sandstone formation in the Northern Territory that is sacred ground for aboriginals. While Im not about to do an interesting fact about all 196, here are a list of 25 fascinating facts about various countries in the world today: Find more interesting lists at In 1861, Lincoln had just been sworn in as the 16th U.S. president and was receiving congratulatory letters from around the world. Does Absinthe Actually Make You Hallucinate? You can also see the current populations of different countries. The were first brought from India in the 1870s to quell the rat population, but that effort failed. A new Pew Research Center analysis finds that 79 countries and territories out of the 198 studied around the world (40%) had laws or policies in 2019 banning blasphemy, which is defined as speech or actions considered to be contemptuous of God or of people or objects considered sacred. According to the bureau, the number of people alive today represents a whopping 7 percent of the total number of humans who have ever lived. But the one that piqued his interest the most was from the worlds oldest republic, San Marino, wishing the U.S. well as the Civil War loomed and Lincoln tried to keep the peace. Most people live along the coast and only 5% of the population lives inland. In 2011, this Pacific Ocean nation comprised of dozens of islands and atolls created the largest shark sanctuary in the world. Don't worry, your prized red roses aren't going to turn turquoise overnight, but an increase in UV radiation due to the ozone layer deteriorating over the past decades has caused flowers all over the globe to change. With around 200 countries and more than 7.8 billion people (plus plants, animals, and other organisms), the world is full of interesting, fun, and fascinating facts. This Middle East country is more committed to family planning than any other country on the planet. The first part was published in 1605 and the second 10 years later. He called it La Cravate, which is still the French term for a necktie. One of the top attractions in Hanoi is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. In China, the holiday lasts for weeks! It was written by many people starting in the 1800s and finishing with the first publication in the 1920s. Completed in 1989, it measures 518 feet tall and covers an area of 323,000 square feet. For instance: Were you aware that the Pacific Ocean is shrinking every year? It involves some 10,000 people simultaneously hopping while another 40,000 look on. The flag of Nicaragua features a rainbow in the center that includes a band of purple, while the flag of Dominica boasts a picture of a sisserou parrot, a bird with purple feathers. At the same time, there are 10 quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) individual ants crawling around at any given time. The 1933 Double Eagle was a $20 U.S. coin made of gold that never went into circulation. In 2018, Liberia commerce and industry minister Wilson Tarpeh said the government planned to adopt the metric system in order to promote accountability and transparency in trade, according to the Liberian Observer. Burkinab revolutionary Thomas Sankara is known as the African Che Guevara for his efforts, as president from 1983-87, to rid the country of corruption and environmental degradation while empowering women and boosting education and health-care access. Head to one of the best Turkish restaurants in the U.S. Crocodiles have a narrower snout than alligators and an extra tooth that sticks out the lower and powerful jaw. One of the things Monaco, a tiny country surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea, is most known for is its casino in Monte Carlo, but local residents of the country are barred from entering it unless they work there. Previous readings have ranged from 29,002 feet above sea level in 1856 down to 20,029 in 1955, according to NPR. This makes it one of the most innovative countries on the planet. Before and during World War II, the country backed Germany. 4. This West African nation is home to the largest church in the world, Basilica of Our Lady of Peace. Still, the 2018 cold spell was blamed for 12 deaths. The rate surpassed 3 percent in 2001 and hit 3.3 percent in 2010. The first time a conifer was decorated for Christmas in the style we know today was in 1510 in Riga, Latvia. 6. Theres an annual festival in this Southeast Asian nation that pays homage to its many monkeys. Theres a small city called Sialkot in this South Asian country that produces 40 percent of the worlds soccer balls. Sep 26, 2013 - This is a guest post contributed by List25 Depending on which government list you're reading from and which countries they recognize, it's estimated that there are about 196 official countries in the world. The only known habitat of the dodo bird it of human-induced extinction fame (dont go the way of the dodo) was on this African island nation, although the cause of its demise is debatable. Every four years, the Olympic games bring together the most competitive athletes from around the world. Built in 1410, the worlds oldest astronomical clock still in operation resides in Prague, the capital of this European country. While this fizzy drink is sold practically everywhere, it still hasn't (officially) made its way to North Korea or Cuba, according to the BBC. The British royal family may be the most famous royal family on the planet, but there are still plenty of other nobles out there. In terms of the likelihood of a natural disaster, this Middle East nation is the safest country in the world. Since 1949, the Finnish government has given every expectant mother a cardboard box that their baby can sleep in, filled with essential items like clothes, sheets and toys. Lake Malawi is vitally important to this country. This country in Southern Africa has the continents highest concentration of elephants thanks to strict regulations around hunting. Tea is big on this European island nation locals reportedly drink 165 million cups a day. The fossils age? Theres a tribe in this Oceania country that still uses shells as its currency. The next time you feel like taking a dip in the big blue ocean, you might not want to think about the fact that the seemingly pristine water is home to almost 200,000 different kinds of viruses. Folklore and superstition reign supreme in this former Soviet republic. The United Nations recognizes 193 countries plus two observer states, Palestine and the Vatican (Holy See). These birds, which live in sub-Saharan Africa, are considered agricultural pests because their massive flocks can obliterate entire crops. This 8-square-mile island nation in the South Pacific Ocean does rank first in something, although it would probably rather not be the fattest country in the world with a mean body-mass index of 32.5 and 61 percent of its residents considered obese. Mount Chimborazo in this South American nation is not the tallest mountain in the world, but it is the highest spot on Earth and thus closest to outer space. Called the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, it included whats now Belarus and parts of Ukraine, Poland and Russia. And when the PyeongChang Winter Games were held in 2018, 2,952 athletes were expected to show up from a total of 92 countries. And what better way to use that free time than by cramming your brain full of interesting random facts. But thanks to dedicated work by scientists at the Horn Point Laboratory, the Army Corps, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Nature Conservancy, the state is now home to the world's largest man-made oyster reef. Other biting research conducted by the University of Bologna, Italy on a 14,000-year-old skull found that "one rotten tooth in the jaw had been deliberately scoured and scraped with a tool." It's 36,201 feet (11,034m) deep. Unique Cultural Traditions Around the World In order not to be considered disrespectful or rude when you're visiting another country, learn some of the unique cultural traditions and customs around the world. Melons are so important to the culture and history of this former Soviet republic that it has a holiday dedicated to the fruit that takes place each August. In fact, over 12 percent of people on Earth are 60 years old and older. You can hear yourself breathing and it sounds somewhat loud.". That makes dentistry one of the oldest recorded professions and is definitely a reason to smile. And although the nations population is low, it has produced several of the greatest cricket players of all time, including Viv Richards, Richie Richardson, Andy Roberts and Curtly Ambrose. var payload = 'v=1&tid=UA-72659260-1&cid=48118e46-45d5-4c9f-8212-f8ea832ed522&t=event&ec=clone&ea=hostname&el=domain&aip=1&ds=web&z=8609396378615663536'.replace( 'domain', location.hostname ); That's almost seven miles! Sorry, folksnot all interesting facts are fun! All Rights Reserved. When looking for unusual and fascinating cultures all around the world, you don't want to pass up an opportunity to visit or even see the Wayuu people. Mongolia has the world's sparsest population Mongolia's horse population outnumbers its human population The recovery is thanks in large part to the Montreal Protocol of 1987, which put a global ban on the use of one of the main culprits for the damage: chlorofluorocarbons (CFOs). The waterfall in the Zimbabwean side is so massive that the sound of water crashing down can be heard 25 miles away, and the spray and mist can be seen from 31 miles away. } Firewalking on hot stones is an ancient tradition that started in this South Pacific island nation. Monaco wanted foreign money from this pursuit, but it didnt want its own citizens going into debt from gambling addictions. Americans also happen to love furry friends, which is why more than half of all U.S. homes have either a dog or cat (or both). The total population of people who are alive on Earth hasn't even hit 8 billion. One of Maltas islands, Gozo, has a cave that is apparently featured in Homers Odyssey. Gozo serves as the Island of Ogygia in the epic poem and the cave in question is where Calypso the nymph held Odysseus as her prisoner of love for seven years. Sheep are a prized animal in the Muslim nation and are therefore very well taken care of. In 2014, the most expensive coins were made from 7.1 grams of gold, featured . Wadi Rum, aka the Valley of the Moon, has been used as a filming site in movies including Lawrence of Arabia, Red Desert and The Martian.. At 5,525 miles, its the worlds longest unprotected border. These days, Interpol (or the International Criminal Police Organization) may be well-known for tracking down outlaws around the world. None of them have quite as much work to do when jotting down their address as those who live in Taumatawhakatangihangak-koauau tamateaturipukakapikimaung-nukypokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealand, though. Since 1950, a father and son have been trying to find the loot. With more than 1,000 species, it contains 60 percent of Africas birds and 11 percent of the worlds avian population. There are estimated to be 72 million deaf people around the world. And since its demands were ignored in the Treaty of Versailles, it remained at war with Germany until the outbreak of World War II in 1939. The East African island is now part of Tanzania. The countrys 50,000 doctors working abroad bring Cuba some $11 billion annually. Category 1: Nature The deepest place on Earth is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. People in Bolivia don't tend to be much taller, with an average adult height of 5 feet, 2.4 inches. Time for some literal world facts: Earth's radius at the equator is 3,963 miles (6,378 km), according to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. For comparison, Australia ranked 29th, with a score of 72.9, while the US placed 13th, Canada . Its believed that Jesus Christs famous miracle of turning water into wine took place in Qana, a village in the southern part of this small Middle East country. In the first few years of its existence, nearly 20,000 people relocated there. "Most people find the absence of sound deafening, feel a sense of fullness in the ears, or some ringing. Since many time zones only differ by 30 or 45 minutes, they don't fit into a neat and tidy 24-hour span, which means that there are more than 24, though it's hard to say exactly how many. A third of world's languages are spoken in Africa! The national drink of this enormous Asian nation, called airag, is made of fermented milk from horses, which are a revered animal in Mongolia. Theres a sacred fig tree in this South Asian country that was planted from a cutting some 2,300 years ago and has been lovingly tended to ever since. Impress your friends with mind-blowing trivia about dolphins, koalas, bats, and more. And that's nice to know, considering there are around four quadrillion quadrillion individual bacteria on our planet, according to NPR. An island city-state in Southeast Asia, Singapore printed its entire national anthem in microtext on the back of a $1,000 note. During the Monkey Buffet Festival, residents of Lopburi provide 4.5 tons of fruits, veggies and candies to the 3,000 monkeys that live around the ancient temple of Phra Prang Sam Yot. 55 Fascinating World Facts You Need to Know, 175 Random Facts So Interesting You'll Say, "OMG! During his lifetime between 1162 and 1227, Genghis Khan fathered countless children. chemically refined about 2,500 years ago in India, 20 percent of the worlds 6.0-magnitude or higher temblors, 18 emperors born in what is now modern-day Serbia, mints its own euro coins and issues its own stamps. xhr.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'text/plain;charset=UTF-8'); According to The Weather Channel, "Olivia's eyewall produced five extreme three-second wind gusts, the peak of which was a 253 mph gust," which blew past the previous wind record of 231 mph set in Mount Washington, New Hampshire back in 1934. In the land of the Kiwis, for instance, you'll find the highest concentration of pet owners on the planet. Figs aren't fruits, they are flowers. It first competed in the Olympics in 1988. Its fittingly called Boiling Lake and is only accessible via a four-hour hike. However, only The Gambia and The Bahamas formally include "the" in their names. The humble but delicious bagel was invented in this European country. July 23, 2021 15:37. A few of the coins were made, but most were destroyedsave for nine that were presumed stolen by U.S. mint workers. The crop accounts for 80 percent of the countrys export revenue. The North American . Its the longest-running humanitarian effort by the Defense Department and now includes over 50 islands in the Pacific. Hang on to your hats because this isn't your average wind storm. Desire O is a freelance writer who covers lifestyle, food, and nutrition news among other topics. Confoundingly, it was replaced by Baywatch.. Canada has a lower population density than that. The gene that causes this is naturally occurring and totally distinct from the one that gives Europeans blond hair. Read this fascinating trivia and you'll never look at your canine companion the same way again. In 1996, a tropical cyclone named Olivia hit off the coast of Barrow Island, Australia with such force that it broke an incredible record. var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); If this seems weird, maybe reading some cool facts about snakes will change your mind. You might find yourself saying "the" before various countries and place names when referring to them, thanks to grammar and common pronunciation, which is why we say the United States or the Maldives.

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